Salvador Dali once appeared on the TV program, What’s My Line in the USA.

The panel of contestants got confused as every question they asked him came back with a yes. Was a performer? yes. Was he an artist? Yes…

Salvador Dali could have stuck at just painting clocks that looked like fried eggs.

But he didn’t.

In 1969 he designed the Chupa Chups logo. During his life he was a filmmaker (including the dream sequence for Hitchcock’s Spellbound and worked on Un Chien Andalou), he wrote various books, designed costumes and sets for theatre, retail window displays and jewellery.

Sometimes it’s good to focus on one thing and concentrate on ‘what you do well’. But that’s not for everyone. Sometimes ‘what you do well’ is how you think rather the end result. You can apply this thinking in different areas.

Over the last 20 years we have worked in advertising and design, given lectures to students and heads of businesses, appeared on TV and Radio, designed stage sets (and we are working on our first exhibition stand), murals in high streets, branding for international and small local brands, packaging, point of sale, websites, animated films and presentations, high street regeneration schemes, cycle racks, wayfinding, social media ads, phone apps, shop fronts, window displays and signage.

Some say it’s a distraction to go outside your comfort zone. But it helps keep you fresh, you learn from every job.

You can see more of what we do, Designed By Good People on our website, just click here. But perhaps there is a challenge you have for us that we haven’t yet done, if so, please get in touch.