A few days ago we published a post giving advice from Waitrose buyer Joanna Lynch on how to approach them to get your products listed. Many potential brands have stands at trade shows. These are expensive to exhibit at so the following advice given by Joanna during the Natural and Organics Products Europe show may be helpful:


Know your product and ingredients inside out.

Have a passion for your product and the industry, but don’t be arrogant.

Understand your processes.

This includes your pricing and how that works.

Be friendly!

Joanna couldn’t emphasize this enough. Don’t be afraid to say hello, but don’t be pushy.

Introduce yourself – build a rapport!

Don’t be shy, say hello, buyers won’t bite you. A great looking stand will, of course, help,  but if you’re staring at your phone instead of trying to engage with visitors, your day will be a lot harder.

Ask who they are, where they work, what they do.

Not just stand there silently while someone looks at what you’re showing on your stand. These three key questions will help you work out if there is something in particular you should be telling them about.

Tailor your pitch accordingly.

If after you asked a few questions someone introduced himself/herself as a sun cream buyer, don’t start telling them about your best selling product if that happens to be a lip balm, they might find that interesting, but won’t be able to do anything with it if they’re not buyers for that category. Pitch what’s relevant to them, talk about your sun cream.

Don’t tell them everything.

Spending a day at a tradeshow can be a daunting process, you can easily feel overwhelmed by the number of stands and products on display. Keep it short and to the point.

Leave a business card, not a leaflet, it’s easier.

Joanna said she’s often given many leaflets and brochures during the day, but when she wants to get in touch with the person she chatted with, she finds herself with just a handful of business cards with the contact details she needs. Don’t forget yours.