Designed By Good People were recently asked to help with the branding for ethical healthy eating brand and award winning social enterprise ‘Punch & Juicy’. We worked with them, the GLA and Retail Revival.

They aim to promote the benefits of healthy drinking and eating by popping up in various locations as an outlet or interactive juice and smoothie making workshops for a range of age groups. We are impressed with their social work in communities around London and beyond. We loved their strapline too. It’s a job we couldn’t refuse.


For the branding we put the heart in the centre of the community. The solutions had to be simple and cost effective. We suggested that they stamp the labels for events, they had their logo digitally printed onto some OSB board (this was about £130).

Often small brands try to look like someone they aren’t and follow a corporate look. We believe it’s better to be true to who you are. Restrictions on budgets and time can help provide more interesting solutions like stamped labels. Don’t be afraid to change the colour of your logo either. If you aren’t a corporate brand, don’t try to be one. But do think about your brand holistically. Ask yourself, do all the elements in my brand feel like they belong to the brand, do they reinforce the brand’s personality? Don’t get too close to it, and never ask people if they like your logo or packaging. Ask them questions you need answers to (does this feel fruity, does this make you think this is a small, community-minded company or a large corporate one?). Remember, branding is there to perform a task.

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