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I remember going into a meeting with 6 people from a large company. They all wore similar business suits and their business cards were all the same, bar the name and job title. After the meeting we couldn’t remember which card was for which person.

We think this is pointless.

The whole point of having people in a company is that they are different. They all have different roles, different strengths etc and work together to make a company stronger. They compliment one another.

So why can’t your businesses cards do the same?

As you can see above, our cards are a similar design, but are visibly different and help say something about us and the company.

My cards are printed on recycled strawboard. They are printed letterpress in the UK in different colours by Typoretum. The deboss is deep, the edges are painted. They weren’t cheap but everyone we hand them too touches them and talks about them. They reflect our belief in respecting the environment, & ideas, well crafted. They were expensive per card, but worth it and have more than justified their investment with work won just because of the cards.

Designed By Good people Business card lee

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Ariana’s cards on the other hand are rubbish. Honestly. Some of the packaging we use at home or for work is cut and then stamped on the reverse side. It cuts down on waste but also fits in with our beliefs as a company. It also has a story, a sense of being hand crafted and is personal. But cards look similar, have a reason to exist but have a different personality.


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Well, it would be boring if we were the same.

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