This is a very interesting talk on about how we should reimagine how life is organized on Earth. Global strategist Parag Khanna argues that our world is defined by connectivity rather than boundaries. The planet is like a human body, with a skeleton of roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, a vascular system of pipelines and energy grids and a nervous system of internet cables, cellular networks and data.

He presents maps and examples of how the world is connected in megacity clusters and how connectivity has made the world safer, more equal and eco friendly than before.

You are probably thinking ‘what on earth this has to do with a design agency or design?’

Designed By Good People is a connection of two different people from two different continents, our first languages are English and Spanish. But we found a connection, shared beliefs. We have worked with clients from all over the world, many of whom we have only met via Skype. The world is connected like never before and beliefs and ideas have no boundaries.

As the world gets more connected, as trader’s audience gets wider, more and more people will trade from connected marketplaces to audiences that never got to see them before.

Families thrive when they are connected, but fall apart when they aren’t.

The world is no different.

Happy #Earthday