We’ve been working with a start up on a new range or Organic ice creams, the first flavour they’re launching is chocolate, it’s organic of course and is going into shelves as we write this post. But there is something else that makes this project really special.

We love the fact that José Warren (the founder of Love Ice Cream) is passionate about local, organic and natural ingredients. For him making a good ice cream wasn’t enough though, the packaging had to match the principles of the product it’ll contain, waste was something he was keen to avoid. That’s why Warren together with his team developed an edible carton. This wasn’t an easy job, a lot of time, research and effort went into it. After over 2 years of tests and prototypes they found a solution they were happy with.

When Warren approached us asking to help him with the branding and packaging design we were a bit skeptical, we’re amazed at what he had achieved in principle, but wondered if the carton would taste any  good. He explained that they’ve worked with a mixture of potato starch, rice, corn, and oils flavoured with almonds, coconut, vanilla or cinnamon. We got to try the ice creams and cartons before working on the project and loved them.

Here are some pictures of the finished product and of a little taste session. We loved this project, hopefully you’ll enjoy it just as much.

#Aprilfools (sorry, we wish it were true).