Albert Einstein Quote-Designed By Good People

Albert Einstein was born 137 years ago today.

He may not have been giving business advice with the quote above, but he makes a strong point.

Strong brands have great trust. This trust is won by confidence. Confident brands are very good at articulating and communicating who they are, what they do and what they stand for.

The real test of this is the reason for posting Einstein’s quote. You may use lots of technical jargon amongst your colleagues which gives the illusion of knowledge and understanding, but the proof of it is making yourself understood by those unused to the jargon.

This fact from the National Literacy Trust might come as a bit of an eye opener (if you didn’t know it already):

“Around 16 per cent, or 5.2 million adults in England, can be described as “functionally illiterate”. They would not pass an English GCSE and have literacy levels at or below those expected of an 11-year-old.”

One of the best ways to make yourself understood is to tell a story. We remember stories more than any jargon, charts or statistic. The language used in a story may change slightly depending on it’s audience, but the story is essentially the same. We remember stories from our childhood more than what was written on the blackboard.

If you have a brand, you need to engage with people. You need a story, a reason for what you are doing so people can believe in you.

You may have an excellent product or service that you’ve developed through hard work and a lot of expertise. Expertise often comes with a great deal of jargon attached to it. If you operate in the  business to business sector, certain language and terminology is probably expected, jargon here is unlikely to create a communication barrier. If you’re in the business to consumer sector however, chances are things will be different.

People are busier and bombarded with information everywhere, often with messages they didn’t ask for. Be mindful and respectful of their time without being patronising. Most people will be more engaged with something they can easily understand.

Knowing your audience is essential, just as much as it is to have all the relevant expertise in your area. If the two don’t talk to each other in terms both parties can understand, great ideas can get lost.