Dr Seuss Quote-Designed By Good People

Today is Dr. Seuss birthday, a fitting day to share his wise words.

Here are a few things any business can do to keep The Lorax happy:

  • Use ‘green’ energy: we (and other 177,114 people when we wrote this post) use Ecotricity, we thoroughly recommend them, renewable energy with great customer service, what else could you ask for?
  • Host your website with a company that uses renewable energy: we use Kualo and have no plans of going elsewhere.
  • Plant trees while you search the web: we love Ecosia, they are the opposite of  ‘can’t find the forest for the trees’. They find everything and plant trees.
  • Get your office supplies from a green stationery companyThe Green Office have great choice, FSC? Recycled? They have it.
  • Use a printer that’s working to minimise their impact on the environment: we’ve been using Kopykat for a number of years now, and have always been happy with the results. They hold FSC Chain of Custody, use vegetable based inks and have eliminated alcohol from their printing process among other things.

Feel free to share your list below. We’ll add to ours overtime.