Designed By Good People-No Logo

Have you read ‘No Logo’ by Naomi Klein? If you have, read on. If you haven’t, read on anyway and our thoughts on it may make Naomi another sale.

You see, we have a problem with the book. We agree with a lot of what’s written on the inside, but we disagree with the cover.

We think the title is wrong.

A logo (symbol or brand marque) is essentially a flag,  it’s not inherently evil or good. It performs a task, it says ‘we are here, look at me, notice me’. It helps convey a certain personality which should be based on a brand truth. If you have a good experience with the brand, you have a good association with the flag/logo.  If you have a bad experience with that flag (brand) next time you see it, you’d be likely to avoid it, perhaps even discourage others from using it.

A logo is a standard bearer for a brand’s reputation.

Reputations take a long time to build and seconds to destroy. Brands might choose to market themselves as edgy, classical, good value, exclusive etc. But if they aren’t transparent about the whole way the business operates, or worse still, if they lie to us and that comes to the surface, chances are a fair amount of people will turn their backs on them.

When something goes wrong, the fact that there are flags (logos) we can recognize is ultimately a good thing. Even if  under tragic circumstances, they help us figure out who should be hold accountable.

Boycotting these kind of businesses once questionable behaviors are publicly known is a valid option, the flag/logo we associate with them all of a sudden has negative connotations.

But what if we look for logos / businesses that put people and planet (not profit) first from the start? If those values are embed it in the heart of the business, then the branding will become a symbol of trust. We’re not talking about gimmicks here, what they say needs to match what they do.

Our suggestion? Look out for flags (logos) that help you identify businesses rooted in values you believe in, don’t forget that you can vote with your wallet. Some suggestions from personal experience in no particular order :

Yes, logo.