When I was growing up, we always took our own bags to the supermarket. As usual, as our lives became busier, convenience ruled over common sense. We bought ready made foods, and our health suffered. We stopped taking bags to the supermarket and the environment suffered.

Bags are now 5p.

Bags are now 5p.

8.5 billion single-use plastic bags were taken home by UK shoppers last year – 7.64 billion of those in England. Plastic bags can take 1,000 years to decompose, costing an estimated £10 million a year to clean up in England alone.

We believe this is a great move to introduce the charge and hope it goes someway to change behaviour. M&S (who we have worked for before) already have introduced the charge. Hopefully this will encourage people to reuse bags.

Ocado give you a refund on every bag you reuse as they deliver in bags (you have no option). So if you give the bags back, they are essentially free. Small shops don’t have to charge, but why not save your local shops money and help the environment by bringing your own bags? Just like we did in the good old days!

We have designed a few tote style bags in the past. Making things desirable helps to encourage use. Bags can give a sense of pride to a local shopping area, help spread the word and advertise local shops. There are many suppliers that offer eco friendly versions of bags which we use.

We need to eliminate waste, we need to make reusing normal and single use items unusual and difficult.

Perhaps design can help.


We created branding for Muswell Hill as part of our high street work with the GLA and the Outer London Fund.

It was a copy led design solution that came out of a workshops with residents and traders who shared many of their stories about what made the area great and all the things that happened ‘in Muswell Hill’.



We adapted the branding we designed to a tote for Hayes as part of our work with Hillingdon Council. Hayes had years of decline and was often being talked down after HMV and other factories had closed.

But things are changing and we found something positive to talk about in Hayes for the future.

This was the concept for the bag:

HAYES BAG CONCEPT Designed by Good People

This is the one that was printed.HAYES JUTE BAG HAYES tote bag


Ruislip Manor is an interesting area known locally as ‘The Manor’ which we reinforced with the branding which was based on some Ghost signs in the area.

The architecture is from the 30s which influenced the designs of the bags. But rather than designing just one bag, we created two. Sometimes choice is good.



This was a simple case of adding the logo to the bag, which was a graphic interpretation of the sculpture on the village green. We just added a little heart.



Based on the Metroland posters that advertised the area when the tube arrived, this was developed into the largest enamel panel murals in Europe (which we were involved in) and promotions for various local events to help local traders.

NORTHWOOD HILL BAG Designed By Good People