We love working on high street improvement schemes, especially when we have a chance to do something that builds on the character of the area. We are proud to be part of the Specialist Assistance Team to the Mayor of London and the GLA on high Street Regeneration.

People shop mostly for things they want, how an area looks and feels is incredibly important. We are emotional beings. Making an area feel proud of itself, making them visible in ways that are also emotive and respectful to it’s heritage and built environment is something that really excites us.

Bromley Council, who we have worked with before on shop front schemes, high street regeneration and as consultants commissioned us to design a ghost sign on the end of this building, incorporating the branding we had already designed for Bromley North Village.

The white panel was already there, but any trace of a previous ghost sign had long since vanished, so we created a new one to add some signage announcing the area at one of the main entry points to Bromley North Village.

It was painted by Peter O’Connor, a signwriter we have worked with many times before.


We created a few different designs, here are the other versions.


We researched the history of the building and found that it was originally Eastmans butcher, which we incorporated into the  first concepts. This evolved over time to the version that was painted on the building. A friendly landlord, good council officers and great sign writing made it all happen. Many thanks to Richard, Virgil and Peter.

Here are some other similar signs we have designed:

other-ghost-signs copy

You can find out more about the Kirkdale sign above by clicking here.