By British Cartoon Prints Collection [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Image By British Cartoon Prints Collection [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

At a business lunch we were asked about trends in design. We said ‘ignore them and be yourself’.

You never get anywhere trying to be someone you aren’t. 

It’s best to wear clothes that suit you rather than clothes that suit other people. Better to stand out for being you rather than blending in by trying to look like everyone else. This is especially true if you are a business. We remember the 70’s and we’re not sure Roger V’s jumpsuit would be flattering to anyone,

Often, small businesses (including high street shops) emulate large brands in look and feel, while the large brands are trying to look and feel like smaller businesses. There are many shabby take aways that state on their signage ‘our cuisine is excellent’. But you don’t believe it because the image they portray doesn’t match what they say.

So either the business needs to look like the statement, or the statement needs to be more honest (what if they said ‘we may not look like much, but that’s because we put all our effort into our food’ instead?).

The point is that you should be yourself. Be honest, both in what you say and how you look. If something doesn’t feel like you, then don’t do it. A designers job is to take all the information they are given (the brief) and articulate it in words and pictures that are unique to you and communicate how your brand should look and feel. Without lying.

That’s what we do anyway, otherwise we couldn’t say you were Designed By Good People…