Do you love what you do?

More importantly, do you love who you do it for?

If not, why?

These were questions we asked ourselves 4 years ago. We worked for another agency and most of the work we did and who we did it for wasn’t fulfilling. We won lots of awards and we liked our bosses and where we worked, but it still didn’t feel right.

‘It still didn’t feel right’.

So we set up on our own. It’s a scary thing to do. Really scary. We had no clients to start with, it was a leap of faith, we didn’t really didn’t know much about running a business and we didn’t really know where we would get our clients from.

But we knew one thing. What we believed in. We believed in trying to be eco friendly. We believed in being ethical. We believed in working WITH people who were passionate about what they did. We believed in working with people who enjoy what they do, it’s what gets them out of bed in the morning.

They are like us. We understand them. It’s easier to do work you understand. And you do better work when you believe in what you do.

Then, after a few years, we discovered Simon Sinek. He was saying exactly the same thing. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. And he’s right. But so many businesses, so many start ups don’t do this. They think they are working to make money. That’s a result. Do what you believe in and you will find people who believe what you believe. They will be your customers.

What’s been interesting in this journey over the last few years is that we have had a lot of messages of support. Not just for the work we have done, but for what we stand for. Very often we get an email or a message ‘we love what you guys are doing’.

So if you share our values, get in touch. If we aren’t right for you we might be able to help you find someone who is.

Have a nice week…and be good.