Every Christmas we try to live up to our name by creating a Christmas Story rather than a Christmas card.

For our first Christmas we bought gifts through Oxfam, buying mosquito nets, medicine, livestock and school books etc based on the 12 days of Christmas. The second Christmas we bought 70 Children’s books for our local library that we helped the local community save from closure.

Last year we invested $1600 in Kiva which we have reinvested as soon as it’s paid back, so that we have now loaned almost $3000, with over 42 loans to people in 22 countries.

This year we are donating £1000 to War Child rather than printing a Christmas card. Hopefully we can spread a little goodwill this Christmas by helping children in areas of conflict get one of the greatest gifts anyone can have. A childhood, an education and freedom.

We can only do this because of the support we have been given throughout the year.

We thank you all.

John and Yoko said ‘War is Over If You Want It’.

We do.

Have a very Merry Christmas,

Designed By Good People.