We don’t give out Christmas cards. But every year we have a Christmas story.

This is our third year. In the first year we bought gifts through Oxfam, buying mosquito nets, medicine, livestock and school books etc based on the 12 days of Christmas. Last year we bought 70 Children’s books for our local library that we helped the local community save from closure.

This year we are investing $1600 (£1000) in Kiva, helping:

• Maze in Cameroon to buy material to make dresses to sell.
• Maria Ester in El Salvador who looks after a disabled senior citizen, buy supplies for the house she is building.
• The Furaha Group in Kenya to buy 1/2 acre of land to grow maize and sorghum to cultivate as part of the One Acre Fund.
• Don Bosco Group to help with small trading projects and as a deposit on a plot of land.
• Iris in El Salvador buy supplies and a new grill for her business making and selling tortillas.
• Rakhima in Tajistan buy a sewing machine to make clothes to sell.
• Monica in Costa Rica to buy livestock and feed for their farm to help send their son to school.
• Maria Margarita in El Salvador renovate her home for her family which she will pay back with the proceeds from her pupusa business.
• Carmen, a bricklayer in Bolivia to build her own home.
• Maria Elena in El Salvador buy building supplies so her children have their own bedrooms.
• Eddy in Peru fix his motortaxi and buy fabric to make clothing.

It’s rather fitting in some ways that on this day, the day that some believe the world will end, we are investing in peoples futures.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us. Without you we can’t do things like this.

Have a very good Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Giving a loan via Kiva is definitely worthwhile. We will keep our investment rolling along in Kiva ones these loans have been repaid. If you want to find out more about Kiva loans, click here.