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We have done a lot of work for small brands (much of which hasn’t come out yet so we can’t show anyone what we have been up to!). But alongside branding and packaging we have been doing a lot of high street improvement works.

We are working in Ruislip Manor alongside Hillingdon Council (who have been great), local businesses, the GLA, Meanwhile Space, Steer Davies Gleave and East Architects. We have been involved in the pop up shop there and improvements to shops and signage. We have run workshops with local businesses and are designing signage for a number of businesses there. It’s often tough working with so many small businesses, the council & GLA all at the same time and pulling together so many different quotes for the shops. But we hope to make a difference for people who matter, the little guys, the shops you know the owners of by name.

If you want to find out more about what is going on there, CLICK HERE