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Bernadette Jiwa asked us if we would like to contribute to her book ‘You Are The Mapmaker’.

So we did. If you want to find out a bit more about us, peek behind the curtain and find out why we do what we do, click here.

“What’s the formula for blog posts that will get the greatest number of retweets? Which new product or service will make you the most money? Do you know?

“The truth is that nobody knows for sure what’s going to work. If they did the J.K. Rowlings of this world wouldn’t get rejected by twelve publishers. There is no cast iron guarantee, no secret formula. There is no map to your success.

“This means that you are the map maker. You are responsible for shaping your journey and creating your own success. I know many inspirational entrepreneurs and creative business owners who have done just that and I wanted you to hear some of their stories.

“So today I’m sharing a beautiful book with you that’s been six months in the making.”

Bernadette has a couple of blogs which we often follow and are definitely worth reading:
The story of Telling

She has also written for David Airey’s blog (which also featured us).

Contributers include:
Lee Newham — @goodpeopletweet
Eric Karjaluoto — @karj
Nubby Twiglet — @nubbytwiglet
Chris Guillebeau — @chrisguillebeau
David Airey — @DavidAirey
Mark Bloom — @MashCreative
Reese Spykerman — @reese
Jessica Hische — @jessicahische
Derek Sivers — @sivers
Jonathan Woodward — @jonwoodward
Blair Thomson — @BlairThomson
Lea Woodward — @kinetiva
Tara Gentile — @taragentile

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