After we designed the Landfit logo we got a very nice call from Sustain asking us if we would do some work for them. They loved the Landfit logo. We were flattered. We took the carrot.

The new job was for a scheme called ‘Food Up Front’. It was very similar to Landfit, but was aimed towards encouraging people to use their front gardens to grow food.

Their current logo looked like this:


This didn’t work well when reduced in size, which it frequently was on various websites, it didn’t really describe what the scheme was about and we thought it looked a lot like clip art from Microsoft Office.

We redefined the problem to create the solution: “What image communicates growing your own vegetables”. The idea was planted. Literally.

It worked better when reduced in size compared to the old logo:

Like the vegetables it was trying to inspire people to plant, the identity could grow to any format :

We created business cards that had seeds in them so they would grow food when planted in the ground.

We created full brand guidelines. It was all very well received.

But then suddenly, Sustain called us and said they had an internal discussion and had decided to stay with their existing logo.

We created a presentation trying showing before and afters showing the new identity vrs the old one, to get them to change their minds.

We asked them ‘if you can say, hand on heart, that the old logo communicates what you do better, is more adaptable to any situation and is more memorable than the new one we have created, then you must stick with the old identity and we will not charge you a fee.’

They said they were very happy with the work we did and paid us in full. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make them change their minds.

Sometimes, that’s just the way it goes.