While we do work for paying clients, we are also active in our local community. We helped get funding for an outdoor gym in a local park by working with community groups and are working with other civic groups to help save local libraries.

The image above is a banner we designed that was used by library groups in Lewisham protesting against the cuts. We fully support them. We used libraries extensively growing up and the information we had access to there is part of the reason why we became designers in the first place.

People carried banners:

People wore stickers:

Thanks to Joyce Treasure for the images.

We created posters using the ‘do not cut here’ idea:

We collected over 20,000 signatures, more than any other protest in the borough.

We created a blog and logo for our local library (it’s based on the shape of the building):

Which lent itself nicely to a campaigning identity:

The campaign has gained a lot of coverage in the press and online and we are proud to be a small part of it. We will keep you updated about what happens. If you want to know more about the campaign, please visit sydlib.com (and sign the online petition to add to the 20,000).