I’m a great fan of David Stuarts book ‘A Smile in the Mind‘. Wit can be a great communication tool. We try to use it whenever it’s relevant. It can help engage with the customer, it feels human, warm, friendly. When you get the idea you get a little fuzzy feeling inside.

We (not the royal we) have worked for many agencies in the past. I got this brief for Loseley Ice Cream while a creative at P&W.

Loseley was once The premium ice cream in the UK. Years of neglect had left Loseley in trouble, they were losing listings and research said the brand had lost it’s loyal following. They weren’t allowed to use Loseley House on the packs any more as the ice cream was no longer made there. It looked like this:

The owners of premium Ice Cream ‘Hill Station’ had just taken over Loseley and had bold plans to rejuvenate the brand as ‘The English Ice Cream’.

Various ideas were put forth. Brand boards showing ideas for how the brand may evolve, different styles and loose pack designs were shown at stage 1, each outlining a clear, defined idea for each design proposal. This encouraged the client to buy into the idea first rather than get distracted by design detail.

The chosen solution was to go back to Loseley’s heritage. Each pack was made to look like the style of paintings seen hanging in Loseley House.

Subtle wit was introduced as each image shows the character struggling to enjoy their ice cream while sitting for the portrait.

One has ice cream on his nose, on another it has melted down her hand.

The romantic dreamer and the dashing swordsman

We created a biography and personality for each character. The pack copy was written as if penned by the character on the front, each waxing lyrical about their favourite ice cream. Instead of just writing ‘Nutrition, each pack said ‘nutrition and other matters of health’.

The brands upper lip may have been stiff, but it’s tongue was firmly kept in it’s cheek.

We commissioned 5 illustrators in total to create 5 individual portraits. These were Illustrator: Sharif Tarbay, Anne Sharpe, Warren Maddil, Martin Hargreaves and Jon Rogers.

The design went on to be nominated or win 7 major international design competitions.

Lee Newham is a Creative Partner at Designed by Good People
He was a creative at P&W from 2001-2009.

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