This was part of our ‘What if Project‘ which was created to raise the awareness that good design has on local shops and the local environment.

1. We looked at local shop fronts that we though could do better.
2. Took a picture
3. Re-imagined them

This is what it used to look like:

This is the after

We posted the results on local forums to see what people thought. The feedback took us by surprise. People talked about it, each post got thousands of views, we were invited onto local radio, we set up a blog to show them off, papers published stories about it.

Despite all the good press, getting small local businesses to listen to our ideas proved difficult. “How much will it cost’ they all cried.

So we took a new approach. We costed our solutions. We changed the graphics rather than the shop front. Our ‘re-imagings’ would actually save the owners money.

Then we met Amo. He was setting up a fishmonger and butchers in the high street. It was to be called Billings. We came up with some ideas which he liked, but we thought we could do better. In the shower the idea came to us. “How can we communicate that this is a fishmonger AND butchers?” The answer was in the spaces in the B.

Amo loved it, he adopted the design, he got press coverage in local papers, people are talking about his business before it’ even open.

We love local businesses. We think we should help nurture and support them by using the experience we have gathered working for the worlds largest brands in the past for our deserving communities and challenger brands of the future.

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