‘111 Coffee Shops In London That You Must Not Miss’ caught our eye in the Tate Britain book shop. We noticed The Electric Cafe, one of the shops we had designed inside.

We actually designed it as part of the high street regeneration we worked on with L.B. Lambeth and the GLA/Design for London.

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Branding is about managing perceptions. What does that mean for the good intentioned brands today? Your story is more important than ever, but ethics need to be matched by good products and/or services. Regardless of your ethics, if your costumers are not happy with what they received, they won’t come back to you.

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You see, we have a problem with the book. We agree with a lot of what’s written on the inside, but we disagree with the cover. We think the title is wrong. A logo (symbol or brand marque) is essentially a flag, it’s not inherently evil or good.

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